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KTM 500

  • KTM 500
  • KTM 500
  • KTM 500
  • KTM 500
  • KTM 500
  • KTM 500
White enduro/cross/all road/off road motorcycle
Nurmijärvi, Uusimaa
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For sale
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Not specified
500 cm3, 2-Stroke
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Siitä myyntiin entisöity KTM mx 495cc vm.1981

-runko hiekkapuhallettu ja pulverimaalattu.

-uudet muovit.

-kone purettu/putsattu ja ajettu mäntä.

Tarjouksia otetaan vastaan,ei vaihtoa.

Two words can pretty much sum up the 1982 KTM 495, too much. It had too much of everything: too tall, too heavy, too big and too powerful. It was a giant of a machine that catered to speed freaks and horsepower lunatics. It was a bike where handling and suspension took a back seat to eye-watering acceleration. It has carved out its little place in history based on this one defining trait. It was by far the most powerful machine of its era and will always be remembered as the fastest of the fast.